Company intend to provide a focused approach to fast, safe and technological driven dismantling services to Civil, Infrastructure, Builders, Developers, Contractors, Plants & Factories, Corporate Clients and Scrap to undertake dismantling contracts for various applications.

Dismantling services can now be provided with a professional outlook and in an organized way and shall not only gear the industry which is always short of labour but shall also provide faster, safer and mechanised solutions along with recycling of concrete debris.

DR Brothers utilizes techniques to professionally and safely accomplish client needs. We specialize in both partial demolition and full demolition of structures for stories or lower area. DR Brothers is a Green Demolition Company focused on the safe removal of hazardous materials from structures such as schools, homes, rural buildings, agricultural sites, brown fields, industrial buildings and institutional buildings in India. You may contract DR Brothers to demolish / dismantle any structures 4 stories or less. We service malls, apartments, commercial buildings, structures, underground parking areas, any site in India where demolition and environmental impact is a concern, for complete or partial dismantling and site remediation.

Dismantling of industrial/commercial sites in India is precise work requires a professional organization. DR Brother’s team of trained professionals will dismantle and remove site materials to our client’s specifications. We specialize in HVAC room deconstruction and removal. Asbestos abatement and hazardous materials are a reality in sites requiring dismantling. We have special procedures and trained staff that follow strict rules and regulations revolving around these types of materials.

Demolition/Dismantling Services

• House Demolition
• Industrial Demolition
• Commercial Demolition
• Swimming Pool Removal
• Building Demolition
• Residential Demolition
• Selective Interior Demolition and Dismantling
• Structural Demolition and Foundation Removal
• Dismantling of Mechanical Rooms
• HVAC Room Deconstruction and Removal
• Full Demolition and Site Remediation

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